2x2 Drop In LED Light Panels

Led Ceiling Panels

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Highest Quality yet Lowest Cost
LED Flat Panel Lighting is the panel on the market today
Great for Low Ceilings
Flat LED Lights are incorporated into the thinnest panels available and only require ½ installation depth…
No Hotspots
LED Light Panels produce superior, brighter, even lighting with no flickering or color and brightness variations.
Dimmable Power Supply Included
UL & ETL Rated

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2ft x 2ft. LED Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panel

2x2ledlight.com, Designed by 2X2LEDLight.com and manufactured to our exacting specifications, our LED Flat Ceiling Panels offer all of the benefits of any other LED Flat Ceiling Panel on the market with one exception, no one offers LED Flat Ceiling Panels at a lower price than us! And because we fully regulate every process of production from R&D, we can assure you that no one provides a finer, higher quality Flat LED Ceiling Panel Light!

2ft x 4ft. LED Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panel

2x2ledlight.com, Do you hate changing light bulbs… you know, precariously teetering on the top rung of the ladder, hoping that your life insurance premiums have been paid up? Well, if that weren’t enough inspiration to invent LED Flat Ceiling Panels alone we have some more good news for you! 2X2LEDLight.com LED Light Panels, are rated for 50,000 usage, lasting more than twice as long as any other type of lighting… and will also save you more money than any other type of light as well!